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What's happening at The Florrest?

Updated: Jan 7

Hi friends,

So much shifted at The Florrest during 2023 and this email is an update for our community!

  •  END OF CONSERVATION: On January 1st, we came out of conservation, a tax-saving contract that was ignited 10 years earlier. Once that expired, it allowed us to promote the whole forest. We had started very quiet and word of mouth for several years just renting the domes and lawn area. Leaving conservation status is just a formality. We will always be focused on regeneration and educating on how to manage this forest. We are here to protect the environment and this rural area!

  • SALE OF LAND: In February, a fraction of the north side was sold to a neighbor who wanted to purchase it before we did in 2019. It was a shift that was made in alignment with the magic of this space! The address number is 351 and since the sale, we have 153 acres. These numbers add up to 9 which represents completion! The shape used to be a diamond, and now it looks like a Heart.

  • BUILDING COMPLETION: In March, we completed the building, decorating, and furnishing of our new Vibez wing. We had the support of Paul Davis of South Atlanta leading the construction and many other contributors that made it happen!

  • SOLD OUT: In April, we had our first sold out month! We are so grateful for all the retreat leaders and their community for coming out to The Florrest to connect and ignite transformation in nature.

  • RIBBON CUTTING: In May, we had a ribbon cutting with the Macon Chamber of Commerce! It was wonderful to feel the support of community and celebrate the inauguration of our new building. Grateful for everyone!

  • BUSINESS PERMITTING: Towards the end of the summer, I found a letter from the local government saying someone complained about our business. That led me to hire a lawyer and submit to the local process to gain a permit for hosting retreats. We were told to apply for a re-zoning and that led to neighbors getting concerned and blocking the request.

  • LOGGERS: We had a logging contract that was going to become active any moment since April. They finally arrived at end of the year to thin the forest for its health and vibrancy. We are thrilled to adventure out this coming year to find new spaces and explore more trails!

  • LETTING GO: With the uncertainty regarding what we could do with the property and the bulldozers making noise, I decided to work remotely and travelled to Argentina (my home country), DC, and Miami. All these places have been my home for many years. This reminded me that I am a citizen of the World and it allowed me to trust that I will continue ALL IN with what I can do. I created a clear distinction between me and The Florrest: I moved the property within the LLC, and started imagining this space with me as a CEO (Chief Energy Optimizer) instead of a personal space that I share.

Looking Forward!


  •  LEGALITY OF BUSINESS: We have 100% certainty that we can rent out the whole property. Permitting issues have been arising all throughout the country as people have been moving to large tracks of land and we look forward to show that we are an ally to the rural area and we are here to celebrate nature in a harmonious way that does not disrupt their lives or the future of the area.

  • NEW OPPORTUNITY: We are focused on supporting retreat leaders to make their inner calling to host retreats a reality. To find those people looking for our venue, we just created an affiliate program for aligned souls to share the gift of nature with their community and earn income in the process. When a referral books a retreat, the affiliate earns a 10% commission. Would love to have you onboard!

  • PERMITTING: During January and February of 2024, we will be presenting at the local government with planning & zoning and the board of commissioners, to be able for me to host retreats and also have events at The Florrest. I've been creating space for people for 10 years now, since Jan 2014, and I would love to see this alignment come true here. If you are a local (Gray, Macon area), let me know if you can show up at the local meetings to show your support for The Florrest. Thank you!!!

  • BOOK RELEASE! On February 1, "Success Redefined", a book I co-authored with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) is being released. Very excited about this. Stay tuned to receive updates.


We continue on this journey with consistency and a bubbling in our hearts, ready to address the challenges that arise, and anchor this nature sanctuary for souls to come to rest & awaken.

Thank you for being a part of this expanding community. Let us know how we can support you! Send us an email.


Many blessings,

Mena and The Florrest Hive 

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