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In this healing sanctuary, you remember that you too are nature and that we all get to celebrate our true colors! The rainbow is an expression of nature that occurs when white light scatters into this spectrum of colors!

You experience awe and childlike wonder as you walk through these unique rooms, waking up to a new perspective. The domes welcome you and your group to a space of clear intention, inspiration, and harmony within the community. Settle in and feel at hOMe.
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"The Florrest is the perfect name for this magical place. I stayed for a retreat and the incredible environment took each workshop to the next level. Be prepared to be elevated and renewed at the same time."

- Celia D. Luna, Friends Gathering 

The following rooms are in the MAIN DOME

Main dome.heic
Rainbow Domes


This living room is inspired by the heart chakra

"As we tend to our inner garden, we flourish with harmony."

The green living room is at the heart of the retreat. There are 3 large sofas, a wall to project presentations on, a low long table with cushions that seats up to 12 people.


The rainbow kitchen is inspired by oneness 

"Oneness inspires a flavorful fusion, reminding us that unity is the key ingredient to a harmonious feast."

The kitchen is a bright room with lots of countertop space and fully equipped; it has two ovens, a stovetop, Samsung refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, crock-pot, blender, and juicer. It has beautiful views of the garden.
The dining area by the kitchne has up to 3 tables with ample space for all guests.

I had the most magical experience at The Florrest retreat center. I was there as the private chef for a 5 day woman’s retreat and enjoyed every second of it! 2 sinks, 2 ovens & a ton of natural light.. was a chefs dream come true! Mena (the owner) has the most beautiful outlook on what it means to be service to others and really puts her love and passion into everything she does! As soon as you drive onto the land you can feel an overwhelming energy of comfort and peace!!

When I had some free time I was offered the amenities and used them to the max!! The pool, cold plunge, sauna and hot tub were just the cherries on top of the beautiful experience!!

I recommend the Florrest to anyone who is in search of peace & serenity for self or for team leading & building!!

-Chef Poggi, Sacred Retreat