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Nestled in a private magical forest, surrounded by lush rural woods and farmland, our retreat offers a sacred space in a world often filled with noise and pollution. It’s not just a location; it’s an experience of peace and rejuvenation.


We are delighted to offer this serene haven to you and your group, where every moment becomes a cherished memory and an opportunity for powerful transformation.



(add 7%tax)



Main Dome: sleeps 3 support staff/retreat leaders, large kitchen, dining area, full bathroom, and session room.

Guest dome: sleeps 10 guests, two full bathrooms, living room, and full kitchen. 8 beds (2 king, 6 singles, and 2 optional rollaways).

Vibez Wing: sleeps 2 retreat leaders/or 2 guests, adds 4 toilets, 3 showers, and outdoor roofed sharing space.

Amenities: Event dome (1658 sq ft/154 m2), pool, hot-tub, cold plunge, sauna, pavilion, barefoot playground, fire pit, lawn, trails, creeks, and beyond in 153acres.

153 acre FOREST 

(max 12 guests and 3 retreat leaders/support)

Cleaning Fee

One-time fee:

includes housekeeping and pool maintenance.


Peak Season

$2,222 / year 2024

$2,444 / year 2025


Apr, May, Jun, Sept, Oct

Off Peak Season

$1,777 / year 2024

$1,999 / year 2025

Nov-Mar, Jul-Aug

Note: We rent out The Florrest to groups on a nightly rate basis for a minimum of 2 nights.
Regular check-in at 4PM and check-out at 11AM.

'Payment Plan available'

Ready to experience the magic of The Florrest?
Our current offers are shared with you when you have your call with us


Stepping into The Florrest is like entering a sacred sanctuary, a space lovingly curated by Mena to envelop you in profound peace and restorative energy. As soon as you arrive, you instantly feel yourself release the tensions and worries of the outside world. This is a place of transformation, where you can reconnect with your authentic self through the nurturing guidance of Mena's wisdom and the harmonious natural elements she has brought together.


The Florrest is truly a masterpiece of intentional design, providing everything you could possibly need to restore balance, awaken your inner radiance, and discover the depths of your soul's whispers. From the soothing sounds to the inviting textures, every detail has been thoughtfully composed to facilitate a journey of self-discovery and revitalization.


And at the heart of this extraordinary space is Mena herself - a beacon of compassion, love, and light for all beings. Her mere presence is empowering, inspiring you to embrace your truest, highest self. With infinite patience and an aura of unconditional acceptance, Mena creates an environment where you feel safe to explore, unfurl, and blossom into your highest potential. The Florrest is a transcendent space that will forever shift your perspective and awaken you to new realms of beauty, both within and around you. Mena's creation is a testament to the transformative power of love, intention, and nature's sublime grace.

- Melba Payan, Sacred Space Retreat


I highly recommend The Florrest!

My husband and I recently hosted a Meditation Retreat at the Florrest, and we could not have been happier with the result. From the spotless facilities and detailed retreat facilitator instructions to the sauna, cold plunge, huge event dome, brand new bathrooms, and absolutely beautiful 153 acres of forest, we hosted the best retreat we have ever hosted. Every participant was blown away and received exactly what they were craving; time in nature and a space to heal and transform. Working with Mena was an absolute delight! Thank you, Mena and the team at the Florrest! We can't wait to come back.

- Claudia Pacitti, Purple Eagle Tribe Retreat 


Steps to Plan Your Retreat

at The Florrest

Let us guide you, moment to moment,

to feel clear and aligned to

gather your community!

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