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As you take in a deep breath and imagine being here, you realize that this sanctuary is a canvas for you to create your unique retreat. There are a variety of activities that naturally support your offering, complementing your activities, and enhancing the overall experience and transformation for everyone.  

(Note: The event dome is rented out when you book the Vibez Wing. You can find information on our accommodations page)


40ft pool, 6 lounge chairs, Grill, Dining area, Hot tub, Sauna, and Cold Plunge

Relax around the pool, float into a suntan, read a book, awaken your inner child, listen to your favorite playlist, or simply gather to celebrate another day. The pool is gated for the safety of everyone. The living room under the shade is available for activities and meals. Melt into a 5 person Thermospa with therapeutic benefits: relief from chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep quality. Dive into The Plunge to reduce inflammation, improve your immunity, and mental clarity. Detox and relax in the Sauna (infra-red and traditional, bluetooth sound system).