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Have you been quiet too?

Hey friends, Have you ever put all your heart into something to then be told… NO! Stop. Well… We’ve been trying to figure out permitting for events since August of this year. It’s made us go a bit more quiet to be focused on anchoring into my inner peace, trusting, and reaching out for advice and support. Fortunately, we are clear that we CAN rent out the whole forest/property for retreats! We will be opening sales for 2024 very soon. You can respond to this email if you want to be the first to have access to dates. Thank you to all friends and community who keep the magic of the Florrest alive and expanding. We’ll keep figuring out how to activate events to be close to our community. Happy 11/11!! All are aligned.

Much love, Mena Teijeiro Managing Owner of The Florrest - Retreat to Nature Author of the forthcoming book “Success Redefined” with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Intuitive Consultant +1 (646) 725-1041

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