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Redefining Success 💡💫

Hi friends, Since you have been following close to me… I would love your feedback on this. I’ve had to redefine success to be able to experience peace and gratitude in my heart, in the midst of the unknown, personal traumatizing experiences, and the chaos on this planet. No one is without challenges. They have fuelled me to be determined to offer this land abundant in nature and vibrant with love, that brings souls together to heal and celebrate this gift of life. To rest and awaken to possibilities! For that, I have journeyed far and deep to embody that in my own energetic land and physical body. It is a way of life and continues to expand daily. There are things that I have yet to share publicly… I am very very excited to be sharing my story in 2024 as a co-author of “Success Redefined” with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul). I am such a fan of his work! His book “The Success Principles” became my book of reference in 2018 and it has stayed close to me since. Guiding and teaching from a space of embodiment is important for me. Would love your opinion on this… 1) Do you want more on my story of how I got to The Florrest or 2) What challenges I have experienced and transformed since I embarked on this adventure in the woods? Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to reading your answers. Many blessings, Mena Teijeiro Managing Owner of The Florrest - Retreat to Nature Author of the forthcoming book “Success Redefined” with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) Intuitive Consultant +1 (646) 725-1041 |

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