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Things have been falling...

Date Published: July 26, 2022

We're Still Here!

Hello there! Since moving to The Florrest in July of 2020 everything has been falling… Into place! Better said landing. Well, it is 182 acres…. my dad tried to warn me yet, I followed the guidance of my inner voice. It is moment to moment that I discover how perfectly it is aligned with my soul’s vision and growth. It really is amazing to see it happen and quite humbling. I wake up every morning with a strong determination to keep going through the unknown, with a clear intention: I am claiming the deep fulfillment my soul came for and sharing with others what is possible. The alternative was too uncomfortable and uninspiring for me. After a year of being open to business, I am starting to find how to balance The Florrest being my home AND my business. This past year I have been exploring what is possible and learning from each experience. I know that as my joy is fully in alignment with supporting your desires for a retreat space in nature, the gates of flow and synchronicity open. What does success mean for me at The Florrest? That I can sustain through time and be exponentially excited by my offerings and sharing this nature sanctuary for others to Rest & Awaken! Rest from what? From the busy, from the limitations of the mind, the conditioning, the things we put up with. I was personally exhausted!!! We get to Awaken to new possibilities as we connect to our true nature. We can choose to be 'beesy being', taking action that is in alignment with our soul. These actions also include aspects of physical, mental, and energetic rest. I get to remind myself often of these with the spaces at The Florrest! If you are reading this, you are most likely in alignment with creating a vibrant life filled with experiences that nurture us and overflow to others around us. This nature sanctuary was (and continues to be) a magical manifestation…. I wasn’t looking for a property when it came to my awareness. Nevertheless, it was a clear YES for me. With my newfound decision to commit powerfully to something, it happened! It was NOT a 'wohoo' for other people; it had been on the market for almost 2 years. You see, the property was covered in yard trash (about 8 containers full - the metal kind that goes on international cargo ships!), the forest had been clear cut 28 years before and had never received land management, there was no internet connection (I could only stream a movie with my cell phone), the road was a mess, and it was in conservation for another 3 years. Well, I absolutely loved it. I could see through it’s layers to its soul. I had been doing energy work for a decade for myself and others and was used to this kind of shedding. The domes represented the divine masculine and feminine coming together (Men-A). My dearest childhood dream was walking through creeks with my father and siblings… just like the ones on the property! My alternative investment in Miami was definitely not as exciting as this one. I loved the story of the previous owner Bill, choosing that property because he felt excited to live again after his parents unexpectedly died. The price was right! I jumped at this opportunity with a big smile on my face… the innocence of a soul who had always lived in the city and suburbs and didn't know what it takes to manage a property of this proportion. As I landed here, life presented the support for this journey! It’s been two years now of developing the property and I couldn’t have dreamed up this level of alignment to bring The Florrest to life. Rob, my boyfriend, showed up at my door on day three to support with land managment; we ignited a strong friendship and business relationship right away. The local electric company decided to install broadband internet in our rural area, the local government repaved Otis Redding drive (we are neighbors to his widow Zelma and daughter Karla!), and I discovered that I can log the property and with that income build a pond at The Florrest to support the environment. Yes, there are struggles too! Yet, I decided that those are the ones that make me stronger and more determined. The obstacles remind me to focus even more steadily on what I desire to create. If you stay around, I will share those with you too. Stay tuned next for what we developed this year, how beetles rocked our forest and how we made it a hit, and what I had to sell to be able to jump into the pool. Thank you for sharing this moment with us! Rest and Awaken,

Mena and The Florrest Hive

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