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Enjoy the Journey

Date Published: July 1, 2021

Today marks one year since I moved to The Florrest!

It was an innocent journey to spend one month here setting it up to rent out to people. It evolved into a clear desire to Be here. Although I had lived in Miami for 11 years, the pull to stay in the forest was much stronger. It gave me hope and excitement for the future.

I am called to acknowledge the tasks accomplished in year 1:

  • Removal of trash from the property - 7 large moving containers full! Including bringing down an old structure that was a safety hazard.

  • Repaved/sealed the driveway (1/2mile long)

  • Built the main gate (solar powered) and added two pole gates at other entrances.

  • Opened up 12 miles of trails throughout the 180 acres of conservation land.

  • Control burn to re-habilitate the forest which needed care. Returned nitrogen to the earth and removed smaller trees so it’s not so dense and competing for nutrients.

  • Built 6 bridges to connect the property over the creeks, and hung 5 swings throughout.

  • New septic bleeder lines.

  • New windows in both domes.

  • Furnished and decorated the domes.

  • Renovated the pool area: expanded concrete, new decking, new fliter, purchased a Thermospa jacuzzi, new electrical wiring, fixed the pavillion plus new fans and lights.

  • Gated the pool area for safety.

  • Built the OM dome as a greenhouse and also as a space to sleep under the stars. Hexagon concrete slab below it with water and electric connections.

  • Stucco reparations on both domes.

  • Domes repainted from white with red doors to light gray with white trim.

  • New garage/shed built.

  • Built a pavillion for outdoor use behind the domes (El Lounge)

  • Fresh sod (grass) around the pool.

  • Solar powered lights for the garden.

  • Planted magnolias and evergreen trees

  • Building the event dome

  • Created website:

  • More behind the scenes!

This helps me celebrate and see how far we’ve come. I always have the thought: “there’s more I can do”. Healthy, as long as I celebrate what has been done and enjoy the journey.

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