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The Florrest property

The intention of this diamond-shaped property is to create a space of celebration of nature and life, taking care of the land in a sustainable way. Of the total 182 acres of The Florrest, 180 acres are under a conservation contract until December 2022. The remaining 2 acres are exempt from it allowing us to have business activities in that designated area where the domes are located. Starting January 2023, we will redefine the areas that are under that tax-related agreement.

During 2020, there were 6 bridges and 12 miles of trails opened to connect and have access to all the property. The topography is hilly, has a dense forest, three open fields, creeks, and clearly distinct terrains. There is a national forest within the property (area shaded in gray); created by the government to protect this land which has a native Indian mound. 

Date Published: November 11, 2021

This forest was clear cut (all trees removed) over two decades ago and the land was left barren with tree seeds that grew without any strategy. Currently, there are too many trees growing together making it difficult for them to have enough nutrients. Weak trees become prone to beetle infestations and whole areas of trees can die off. 

Our first approach was to have a controlled burn on the property which takes care of the excess wood, small trees, and ‘fuel’ lying around to minimize random fires. It also returns nitrogen to the earth for nutrients. We hired a forester who is experienced in this process to create fire breaks, start the fire in the correct location, against the wind, on a day with the right temperature and humidity for it. 


During 2021, we decided to hire loggers to remove excess trees to support the health of our forest; and we started planning for a lake that can act as a source of water to support bio-diversity and another location to enjoy nature at The Florrest. 


Before the current owner came to Georgia, she always lived in cities and suburbs (Buenos Aires, DC, Chicago, London, NYC, Key Biscayne, and Miami). She is keen on learning how to honor the land and find more sustainable ways to take care of our planet and incorporate better ways of interacting with our environment. Mena is excited to learn from others and share the transformation of The Florrest as it blossoms into a space to celebrate life on our beloved planet. 


If you feel called to volunteer, share your expertise, or make a donation, we would love to connect with you and see how we can make this a better place.


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