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Best kept secret

Date Published: August 18, 2022

Hello friends, No one likes secrets IF they are kept out of the loop. So we’ll let YOU in on a secret that we wanted to share with our Florrest Hive first.

  • This is no ordinary forest!! We are on a land that the Muskogee (creek) Indians lived on. Within the property, there is a National Forest with Indian mounds. These natives treated this space as sacred and we continue to preserve this land and the reverence to mother earth.

  • We are right next to land that had a hospital during the civil war. At the end of the war, it was saved from burning because it had been kind to the Yankees.

  • The property is actually the shape of a diamond or hive. Also, the numbers of the address (351) add up to 9, which is completion!

  • This year, The Florrest has blossomed with support. We have land management and housekeeping teams, local community supporting us with many areas (pool/hot-tub/plunge, electrician, plumbing, contractor), and a virtual assistant from the Philippines called Joy. Very grateful for these souls that bring The Florrest to life and are part of the hive!

  • We have a full new kitchen in the guest dome, we renovated the pool, added a cedar Sauna (for 6 people with infrared and blue-tooth speakers), The Plunge (cold plunge tub with filtration and no ice needed), and extended the barefoot playground.

  • We will be inaugurating our new fire pit very soon. Can't wait to show you pictures.

  • We are starting with our new Vibez wing next to the event domes shortly. The foundation is set and we have green light on the permits. This will add bathrooms, showers, and a retreat leader space!!!

OMG. We're so excited about all this!!! Thank you for being part of this activation. We wanted to give you the first opportunity to check this Best Kept Secret.... We truly believe that there’s a before and after visiting The Florrest. You get to feel peace and ignite hope for what’s possible. Much love,

Mena and The Florrest Hive

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