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Are you building your dreams?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

How are we building our dreams?

There comes a moment in our life when we begin to build our dreams from an inspired space!! There are synchronicities, magic, a great unknown, consistent effort, and lots of faith!

For the first part of my life, I was building my dreams from my mind and what my environment was conditioning me to believe was my path. Time brought me to a dead-end of showing me that I wasn’t feeling alive, in my fire, nor surrounded by a community that I felt nurtured nor inspired by.

Can you relate?

After ‘breaking free’, I flowed for many years. It allowed me to find the common denominator in all those explorations, experiences, and processes…. The true me!

After a near-death experience, I woke up to realize that my soul chose to be here. NOT to suffer! But to learn through my challenges and create a life of deep fulfillment.

This time around there’s a strong fire within to grow organically, with patience. I am grateful for the beautiful souls supporting this journey and sharing with grace.

Keep building your dreams!



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