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A Story of Surrender and Soaring 🐦🪽

Updated: May 30

Dear friends,

This morning as I was preparing my matcha, there was a noise in the living room.


Right away I remembered…

There’s a bird in the fireplace!!!


Why would I have left it there? Great question. 


A few years ago, I had a very wild experience trying to set a bird free as soon as it was trapped….


It didn’t go well.


The bird was in such an anxious and rebellious state that it flew out of my hands and flew up to the cupola of the main dome. 


It was heartbreaking to see it hit itself against the closed windows which I couldn’t reach 25 ft above us. 


Then there were blood drops here and there… 




So now you know how I can stomach leaving the bird inside the fireplace….


Just a bit longer so it can be still. Rest. Stop the struggle. 




(Does this ring a bell on what we humans can learn to do?) 


Then I can open the door of the fireplace, hold it gently, and let it fly into the woods.


Back to my matcha this morning…


As I raced to the living room, I saw the bird, wings wide open and its beak flat against the glass.


It was so powerful to see its whole self wanting to come out. 


I got a towel and opened it gently to take it outside….


The willow tree is a special place for me and I took it there to set it free. 


It wouldn’t move.


It was traumatized?  Possibly.


Thirsty? Definitely.


How many times have we been hurt and we feel trapped by the past even though now we could be soaring!?


I also thought of the baby elephant tied to the ground and how the big one then assumes it is stuck to that little peg. 


It took a while to tend to this little wounded bird...


Gave it water and loving energy,

Was present with it...


It would not move!


I walked into the kitchen to grab a dropper and through the window I saw a large crow hovering over it!


I BANGED BANGED BANGED on the glass, and the bird was left alone again.


Determined to save it, I swiftly walked out. I had done some research on chatGPT…


This time, as I was going to put it in a safe box to protect it form predators…


To my surprise, it was ready to fly…. As I bent down to get it, it soared into the sky!!!


The bird flew a few circles and then I saw how another one of its kind shot through the sky to meet it!


Then, they went deep into the woods...


My heart jumped in celebration.


Moral of the story:


We get stuck in challenging situations! If we fight it, it gets worse.


If we surrender and ask for help, we can escape into safer environments. 


As we heal our trauma… we realize that it’s time to soar again.


Wishing you a restful Sunday so you can soar into your Joy.


Let’s activate the Blessings,


Mena Teijeiro

Founder & CEO (Chief Energy Optimizer)

The Florrest Awakens LLC

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