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In this healing sanctuary, you remember that you too are nature and that we all get to celebrate our true colors! The rainbow is an expression of nature that occurs when white light scatters into this spectrum of colors.

Guest Dome at The Florrest
You experience awe and child-like wonder as you walk through these unique rooms, waking up to a new perspective. The Rainbow domes welcome you and your group to a space of clear intention, inspiration, and harmony.

This is just the start; you are excited to experience the vastness of this nature sanctuary! First, settle in and feel at hOMe.
Guest Dome

The following rooms are in the Guest Dome

As you walk into this intimate and inspiring dome, you realize that it is the perfect nest for your group to connect and share. Everywhere they look, there is an inspiring message setting the tone for the retreat.

The blue living room smells like fresh flowers, you have prepared a dish with juicy fruits and delightful bites, music is playing setting the mood, and you are thrilled to welcome your group of 10 souls. They will be sleeping in this dome: downstairs there are 2 large rooms connected by a bathroom (each sleep 3 guests), and upstairs you find the large lit cupula room with private bathroom (it sleeps 4).

Holdings space for your group is graceful as you can rest in a separate space. Retreat leaders have access to the Orange and Red rooms with a full bathroom in the Main dome.




This master suite is inspired by the crown chakra

"Acknowledging and remembering that we have a loving Creator allows the blessings to activate."

The Magenta room welcomes you with a majestic lit cupula. This room is very spacious, it has one king bed and two single beds. The bathroom is ensuite and has natural lighting. You can view the event dome and forest from the window. 


This bedroom is inspired by the third eye chakra

"As we remove the filter from our vision, we can see what was always supporting us."

The Eye room has a king bed and a single bed. It has the view of the event dome and the radiant fire pit. It is located nearest to the dome entrance. It shares a bathroom with the Blossom room. 


This bedroom is inspired by the third eye chakra

"As we tend to our inner garden, we flourish with harmony."

The Blossom room has a king bed and a single bed. It has the view of the lawn and forest. For those that are more sensitive to light for sleeping, this one is the darkest of all the rooms. It shares a bathroom with the Eye room.