We landed on a 182-acre forest where the Creek Indians once lived here in middle Georgia. We're stewarding and sharing it with a grateful heart!

Are you looking for peace, wonder, and a magical experience?

Welcome to The Florrest! This is a sanctuary for up to 12 guests to celebrate life, experience deep connection with nature to remember who you truly are.

Domes, trails, creeks, and fantastic amenities await!

It's time to Rest & Awaken!

Through your entire being you feel the expansiveness of gratitude. You understand why this space is a nature sanctuary, a place to rest and awaken to possibility. Memories of walking through the forest, hearing the crackling of leaves under your feet, the chirping of birds up above, and feeling the cool creek water tickle your toes. Laughter bubbles as your inner child thanks you for this moment. Your heart synchronizes with the heartbeat of mother earth who has invited you to The Florrest.




Welcome Inside

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" Thank you Mena. You created this paradise for us to enjoy and connect with what is within us, to explore, to transform and we are grateful that we found you to share this moment.


Much love and appreciation."

Sandra Yanez
Founder of Namaschair

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