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Welcome!! You landed on a 153-acre forest in middle Georgia. We've been regenerating it since 2020, stewarding, and hosting transformational experiences for heart-centered leaders. 

This nature sanctuary and retreat venue is a unifying space for the business and transformation communities to connect with their true nature to
Rest, Awaken, and Thrive!

We host and rent out this venue for retreats and events. 
Overnight retreats for groups up to 15 people: 12 guests and 3 retreat leaders/support staff.

Through your entire being, you feel the expansiveness of gratitude. You understand why this space is a nature sanctuary that supports your vision, a place to rest from conditioning, awaken to possibilities, and thrive in community.

You walk through the forest that surrounds the domes, hearing the crackling of leaves under your feet, the chirping of birds up above. Stepping down into the cool sandy and rocky creek, the water tickles your toes. Laughter bubbles as your inner child thanks you for
saying YES to your heart's calling. 

Your heart synchronizes with the heartbeat of mother earth who has invited you to The Florrest. You are surrounded by these soul's who have joined you; they see you, celebrate the light you are, and are now ready to ripple more light and awareness into their communities. 


10 guests

Guest Dome (sleeps 10)
Amenitiespool, cold plunge, sauna, hot tub, L lounge (pavilion), barefoot playground, fire-pit, bikes, ping-pong, groomed lawn, trails, creeks, and expansive nature!



12 guests

Guest Dome (sleeps 10)
+ Vibez Wing: sleeps 2 leaders/staff &
4 toilets, 3 showers; handicap access.

+ Event Dome (1658 sq ft/154 m2) 

You can gather with friends & family or host your own retreat! Alternatively, you can come for a retreat (group or private) guided by Mena, the steward of this land, who has dedicated her life to wellness and consciousness since 2010.

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Thank you for such an amazing weekend Mena! Our team cannot thank you enough for the incredible eye-opening experiences we had at your retreat center. Upon returning to work, our team is operating in unison and we have a stronger sense of comradery. Working remotely definitely limits our ability to bond the way a traditional team would, but this weekend gave us all a much-needed reset and allowed us to connect with one another in a way we never had before. This experience was truly one of a kind and we hope to visit at least once a year as our company continues to expand. Thank you again for everything!

- Felisha Rewah, Team Building and Leadership Retreat


I had a one-on-one retreat with her own dome in Georgia. It was absolutely phenomenal. The facility at The Florrest is incredible. We did sound healing and meditation. It was an A+ 10 out of 10 experience for me. I came into the facility noisy and cloudy having a lot going on in my life and left there with more direction and a greater sense of purpose. I continued an 8-week session afterward to reconnect and slow down. I would recommend this to professionals and people who have busy lives and she'll help you sort it out.  

- Tony Raneiri, Private Retreat

Sparks Yoga Retreat

"Community, relaxation, nature, delicious food, hiking, sauna, cold plunge, pool time, laughter, dancing, and of course yoga! Sparks Yoga’s Retreat to @theflorrest was an incredible, magical time. We are so incredibly thankful we got to spend this amazing retreat getting to know these wonderful people!"

- Sparks Yoga Macon

Undaughtering Retreat

"Mena’s The Florrest was incredible! I have no words. It’s beautiful, extremely well kept, has everything and more than we needed, quiet… relaxing… clean! The energy of the place was unreal it was very clear from the moment we got there that Mena puts a lot of intention in creating a space that feels enlivening and sacred.

Mena was so easy to communicate even months in advance!

Missing it already!"

- Tanai Milgram, Undaughtering Retreat


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