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Immerse yourself in a vibrational bath and experience the transformative power of sound healing!

This is an opportunity to anchor into your own light and connect with like-minded individuals in a serene, and supportive environment.


Immerse yourself in a vibrational bath and experience the transformative power of sound healing!

This is an opportunity to anchor into your own light and connect with like-minded individuals in a serene, and supportive environment.

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Benefits of this Experience

Release buried emotions

Access whole brain state​

Better pain management

Improved sleep

Fewer mood swings

Be more magnetic


I love the way Mena trusts her amazing intuitive gifts to guide her in the moment as she plays the sound bowls and guides the meditation which made both sessions completely different. I have also had tuning fork healing and personal consulting on several issues in my life with Mena. Once again, her intuition and insights are amazing and truly helpful when one is open to discovering and learning how to speak their own truth.

-Blaine Lower


"Such a beautiful place filled with love and healing! Always surrounded by amazing people who are like minded and open minded to the experiences that are happening. A place to come be one with nature and become grounded back to our natural roots."

-Leah Starks

"Sound Healing Circle" Program
8:00 PM
Welcome and Socializing: Walk around The Florrest outdoors, grounding, and connecting with others.
8:30 PM
Sound Healing Circle led in the Harmony Hive:  Mena has been guiding sound healings and sessions since 2015. She is a certified vibration practitioner and an Intuitive alchemist. (Optional: Bring cushions, yoga mat, and pillow/s for extra comfort). 
9:30 PM
Gather in the Main Dome living room. Water, teas, and snacks available. 
10:00 PM
End of event. Drive home safely!

The Florrest is an amazing place. An oasis in Middle Georgia, it has everything you need for a relaxing, empowering, and meaningful experience. Mena is the icing on the cake. Her genuine nature coupled with her expertise as an event coordinator and spiritual guide is a winning combination. I will be back and highly recommend Mena and The Florrest!!

-Amy Hutsell

About Your Host 
Mena Teijeiro
Founder & CEO (Chief Energy Optimizer)
of The Florrest - Retreat to Nature

Mena is a possibilities igniter and best-selling author of “Success Redefined” with Jack Canfield, who bridges the world of business and energy to empower heart-centered individuals to live an authentic and fulfilling life and companies on a mission to unite their teams to create a larger impact. 

She is a multi-passionate leader with a diverse and rich background in business and consciousness. 

Originally from Argentina, she is also a US citizen who has lived internationally. She began as an economist, was part of an internet start-up, Booth MBA, worked at PWC in London and briefly with investment bankers in Chicago and Buenos Aires. In 2009, after the birth of her second son, Mena pivoted full-time to exploring consciousness, wellness, and holistic healing; certifying in many modalities that brought her awareness back to source.


Her passion for retreats began at that time and it led her around the world to anchor back home into her self-love to support clients to claim a life that feels vibrant and connected. She is a certified Tuning Fork Practitioner and Intuitive Alchemist who uses her capacity to anchor into source, create safe spaces, perceive patterns, and be fully present to create powerful sessions since 2015.

In 2020, she began creating The Florrest, a retreat and event venue immersed in rural Georgia. Mena loves to empower and mentor others to become the CEO (Chief Energy Optimizer) of their life. She is devoted to creating a nurturing environment for gathering community, leading transformations for individuals and teams, and creating abundance for all.

Spaces are limited to ensure a personalized and impactful experience for all participants. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey to inner harmony and balance.

Bring a friend, family, or colleague and make meaningful memories together. Can't wait to see you here!

The Sound Healing event will take place rain or shine. We’re excited to see you there, no matter the weather.

Looking forward to sharing this relaxed and empowering evening with you! It's the perfect way to unwind and ground into peace, joy, and community.

This next sound bath “Healing Harmony: Reflect, Release, and Renew” is happening around the Full Moon in Capricorn. This energy is excellent for reflecting on achievements, setting practical goals, and releasing limitations. It’s a powerful time to focus on personal growth and resilience.

"The Florrest has allowed me to be me again. I lost what that meant for a long time. But I have found that I have support in finding me and my purpose."

-Stacey Wilkerson

Women's Circle May
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