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Lead Your Nature Retreat, The Florrest, GA, USA

We landed on a 153-acre forest where the Creek Indians once lived here in middle Georgia. We're stewarding and sharing it with a grateful heart!


If you are a transformational leader or retreat host wanting to show up to guide your community in a nature sanctuary, this is the space to celebrate in a group of 12 people, experience deep connection, and joy while inviting them to rest & awaken through your leadership.


By the end of your retreat, you will feel empowered and rejuvenated by the experience of confidently guiding your group and seeing their gratitude. You will acknowledge that you are ready to show up more for yourself and the community you serve.

The sun just set behind the fragrant pines... you are nestled in the majestic event dome under a cosmo lit sky.


You feel your body relax and your heart unravel as you see all your group lying down on their backs in a sacred circle, soaking in the medicine of the day.


Through your entire being you feel the expansiveness of gratitude. You understand why this space is a nature sanctuary, a place to rest and awaken to possibility.

Purple event dome (1).jpg

You are flooded with memories of walking through the forest, hearing the crackling of leaves under your feet, the chirping of birds up above, and feeling the cool creek water tickle your toes.


Laughter bubbles as your inner child thanks you for this moment. Your heart synchronizes with the heart beat of mother earth who has invited you to The Florrest.


Joy takes over, seeing how far you've come, how much you have transcended, and acknowledging the leader that you have become, inspiring others to walk confidently in their own journey.

It's your time to lead!


You have been transforming for years; taking courses, doing your own deep inner healing, going on retreats in amazing destinations, getting certified, reading books, supporting clients, and creating community.


You are passionate about transformation and wish to keep sharing your acquired knowledge and wisdom with others.

Seeing others learn, heal, and open up to new possibilities fills your heart and brings great joy to your life.


You want to create a retreat and have been waiting for the right time...

Waiting to be recognized and celebrated by others. Waiting for others to see you, to tell you that you make a difference. Waiting to have the clarity of how to do it.

It's here!


You are being powerfully called to show up in an exciting way!


You want to enjoy hosting a retreat so that you can keep doing it; guiding your group through an experience that they treasure and that profoundly impacts their lives:

Sharing circle.jpg
Event_dome_lit (1).jpg

See them make new friends; create soul family during your time together.


Guide them to rest and awaken to possibilities.


Invite them to play and celebrate life in nature.


Now! (not postponed to the future)

You are committed to show up for your community!


As you dare to move in the direction of your heart's desires, your life unfolds in a deeply fulfilling way.


You are ready! We are all ready...

IMG_6950 (1).PNG


The Rainbow domes welcome you and your group to a space of clear intention, inspiration, relaxation, and a sense of home.


In this healing sanctuary, you remember that you too are nature and that we all get to celebrate our true colors! The rainbow is an expression of nature that occurs when white light scatters into this spectrum of colors.

You experience awe and child-like wonder as you walk through these rooms, awakening to a new perspective! The guest dome has 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a living room and full kitchen. The Vibez Wing has one bedroom, 4 toilets and 3 showers (handicap access).

Magenta Room (4 guests)

This room welcomes you with a majestic lit cupola. It is very spacious, has one king bed, and two single beds. The bathroom is ensuite and has natural lighting. You can view the event dome and forest from the window. It is one flight of stairs up.

Eye - Purple Room (3 guests)

This room has a king bed and a single bed. It has a view of the event dome and the beautiful fire pit. It is located nearest to the dome entrance. It shares a bathroom with the Blossom room.

Blossom - Purple Room (3 guests)


This room has three single beds. It has a view of the lawn and forest. For those that are more sensitive to the light for sleeping, this one is the darkest of all the rooms. It shares a bathroom with the Eye room.

Blue Room (Living room and kitchen)

The blue living room is the communal space within the guest dome. Here you have a full kitchen, dining table, sofa, tv, and coffee/tea bar. The independent entrance to this dome is here.

dji_fly_20230629_43738 PM_243_1688156750261_photo_optimized.JPG

Vibez Wing

This new building has a room for retreat leaders (with two single beds). There are 4 toilets, 3 showers, and an outdoor roofed area. We've designed it handicap accessible.

Orange Room

The orange room is in the main dome; it has a full-sized bed, a desk, and a full bathroom adjacent to it. Holding space for your group is graceful as you can rest and renew in between breaks.

Red Room

The red room has a loft single bed (it may invite your inner child to come out and play!)

Green Room (by request)

The green living room is available for presentations and sessions by request. There are 3 large sofas, a wall to project presentations on, a low long table with cushions that seats up to 12 people.

The following rooms are in the VIBEZ WING

Green patio.HEIC

Green Patio

Enjoy being in an outdoor covered space, surrounded by nature. Sit to relax in the lounge area or share a meal at the two picnic tables. At night enjoy the glow of the hanging lights..

Yellow Room

The retreat leader room is in a  separate building from the guest dome where your group sleeps. This gives you an opportunity to rest and plan your activities. It has two single beds, two bed side tables with locks, a desk, small closet, a white board, it's own A/C, independent access, and a door (which can be locked) to the orange bathroom.


Orange Bathroom

The Orange bathroom has two showers (with a private space to change), 3 toilets, and 2 sinks. There's a hair dryer and bathroom supplies. It is a zen space to cleanse and be refreshed.

Red Bathroom

The red bathroom is a family and handicap friendly bathroom. It has a shower, toilet, sink, baby changer, and washer/dryer. It has its own independent A/C. This is a private bathroom. 


"Guiding your group through an experience that they treasure and that profoundly impacts their lives inspires you to say YES. You get to enjoy hosting your own retreat and feel replenished by it so you can keep showing up!"

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Activities to Rest & Awaken

You realize that this sanctuary is a canvas to create your unique retreat. There are a variety of activities that naturally support your offering, complementing your activities, and enhancing the overall experience for everyone.


You start by taking a meditation walk around the property to soak in the vibrations of the space, then sit down to become aware of the activities each space offers.

dji_fly_20230629_43558 PM_240_1688156729502_photo_optimized.JPG

Harmony Hive (event dome - 1658 sq ft)

Entering this event dome, with its high ceiling and vibrant acoustics, you already feel in a sacred space. When souls come together with a clear intention, we create a larger ripple! This is the perfect space for yoga, dance, workshops, movement, roller-skate, sound healing, and connection.

Garden of Water (pool, plunge, sauna, hot-tub)


Your group will be looking forward to unstructured time to experience this area. The pool (40x20 ft) has a pebble sheen finish, a tanning ledge and a Led lights. There is a hot-tub (Thermospa Chesapeake) that sits 5 people, The Plunge (cold plunge tub with filtration and always cold), a cedar Sauna (Medical Sauna for 6 people with infra-red and traditional sauna, bluetooth sound system), two picnic tables under a roofed area, a sofa, and BBQ grill.


El Lounge (pavilion)


This pavillion has an L shape... it celebrates spanglish! Just as it's name, it welcomes diversity: morning yoga, dinner opportunties, lounging, ping-pong, and whatever your heart guides you to!

Barefoot Playground

Shoes off! The barefoot playground takes you on sensorial a journey; from rocks to wood, bamboo, pebbles, grass, and sand, to then hang from a ninja course and balance on a slack-line. Guiding your group, you see them become aware of themselves and connect with each other. As they play, laughter abounds and everyone relaxes.

Untitled design (8).jpg

Fire Pit


This is a sacred space for alchemical transformation as you honor the fire and set intentions!

Holding your cup of cacao medicine, you experience the brilliance of the stars, remembering how bright they've always been; listening to the sounds of crackling fire and crickets you feel grateful. As you look up... there's the big dipper! You allow yourself to receive the energy of the moon and connect to its cycles.


Was that a howl? You surrender to nature and let it envelop you.

OM Dome (Greenhouse)

The greenhouse hold space: from seeding intentions to nurturing dreams and stewarding growth with awareness and wisdom. 

Observe what plants are growing here. Can you name the herbs? Are there any ripe vegetables?


Nature shows us the cycles of life and how to tend to our inner garden.


Lawn, Trails, and Beyond


Beyond the domes... the horizon awaits. There are over 12 miles of trails on the property. 6 bridges, swings, and different terrains. 'Slow down' as you forest bathe. Be open to see... deer, raccoon, turkey, owl, rabbit, turtle, hawk, cardinal, or armadillo! 


There is a diversity of mushrooms, ferns, poplar trees, oak, pines, and butterflies. What gift does nature have for you?

List of Activities

  • Journal under the willow tree

  • ​Take pictures of nature

  • Do sunrise yoga

  • ​Drink fresh juice

  • Soak in the Sun

  • Explore the greenhouse

  • Cook a delicious meal

  • Sit in the creek and let the water cleanse you

  • Relax in the hot tub

  • Listen to the sounds of nature​

  • Take a hike to the Indian mounds

  • Challenge someone to a ping-pong match

  • Look up at the stars and spot the spaceship

  • Enjoy the heat of sauna

  • Toss or kick a ball

  • Play disc golf

  • Sleep in and take a few naps

  • Breathe in the fresh forest air

  • Walk to Otis Redding to see the sunset

  • Float in the pool and make a splash

  • Draw or paint with intention

  • Bike the country dirt roads

  • Journey on the Barefoot playground

  • Gather round the fire to share stories

  • Try the cold plunge

  • Read a book on a hammock

  • Run through the trails

  • Be present with your community​

Rainbow Trails-01.png

Meet the Property Owner


Hi! Mena Teijeiro here. I began my spiritual journey in 2010 when I realized that I was living a life that wasn't authentic to me. For a decade I travelled around the World going on retreats and adventures each time my kids had time with their dad. I dedicated this time to healing my fear of public speaking, an eating disorder, chronic pain, navigating a difficult co-parenting experience, to anchor in my self love and sovereignty.


I am a possibilities igniter, Booth MBA, intuitive consultant, and development enthusiast. During 2015, I channeled my Awaken Flow™ framework and it supported me to radically transform my life and support others.


I founded The Florrest in 2020 and my two boys decided to move with their dad to continue their city life (they love visiting on holidays!). Instead of experiencing an empty nest, I developed the property to welcome guests and support transformation. My heart loves to offer space to celebrate life in a nurturing environment; I invite aligned souls to gather and lead their communities in a sustainable and joyful way.

Included in Your Retreat Rental

  • Shared sleeping arrangement for 10 clients and 2 leaders (one can be support staff)

  • ​​​1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, 1 pool towel per person (a few extras available); towels changed every 3 days

  • Fully equipped kitchen (large refrigerator with ice-maker, Samsung oven (with air-fryer), stovetop, dishwasher, Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker (pods available to purchase at retail price), croc-pot, blender, juicer, utensils, etc)

  • Samsung Smart TV 65"

  • Free Wifi - High speed internet (105 mbps)

  • Filtered Water: Reverse osmosis system (bring refillable water bottles!)

  • Event dome with A/C for yoga, dance, workshops, and drinks fridge (includes 12 yoga mats, 12 sitting cushions)

  • Pavilion with hanging lights, seating space, sunrise yoga, and ping-pong table

  • Pool area with hot tub (Thermospa Chesapeake), cold plunge (The Plunge), and sauna (for 6 people)

  • 6 sunbathing chairs

  • 2 picnic tables by the pool for outdoor seating

  • 1 indoor dining table in the guest dome

  • Weber BBQ and grilling tools

  • Bicycles (5 singles and 1 double)

  • Fire pit (logs, two fire starter logs, and lighter available)

  • Access to Barefoot playground (barefoot path, slack line, ninja obstacle, hammock)

  • A​ccess to the trails in The Florrest (12miles with creeks, bridges, swings)

  • Permission to hire a chef, bring a food truck, or cater

  • Parking space for every guest (carpool encouraged to reduce environmental impact)

  • ​Igloo - 5 gallon liquids

  • Igloo - White with wheels and handle

  • Picnic blankets - XL x2 (please do NOT use indoor blankets outside)

  • Games

  • ​Ping-pong paddles

  • Disc golf frisbees

  • Pool floats

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • ​Fire starter logs (by fire pit or garage)

Not Included in Your Retreat Rental

  • Ground transportation to The Florrest

  • Meals

  • Use of the ATV or Mule

  • Sessions offered by Mena (these can happen by request)

  • Host a party or event with more people than agreed, nor bring extra guests


IG Templates (71).jpg

Elevated and Renewed

"The Florrest is the perfect name for this magical place. I stayed for a retreat and the incredible environment took each workshop to the next level. Be prepared to be elevated and renewed at the same time." 


Celia De Luna


"It was the perfect setting to connect with nature and have time to connect with other women while we were on retreat. We had a well-rounded experience that was unforgettable."


Keegan Mills


Full on Experience

"Astonished by the nature we got! It is a perfect setting for anyone that is really looking to unwind. It was a full on experience that I know I’m going to miss."


Gustavo Rendon

So Much to Offer

"The yoga retreat was fantastic. It was a great way to relax and really unplug from the world. The Florrest has so much to offer; from relaxing in the cold plunge, to the hot tub, and the pool. You were just able to reconnect with nature, going out and doing things like a barefoot playground and exploring some of the trails. Fantastic experience with the retreat and I would recommend it to anyone."


Scott Jones


Decompress and Heal

"Refresh and recharge in a most beautiful and peaceful corner of the universe. Mena is a knowledgeable and charming host who will guide you to relaxation and healing through yoga, meditation, and sound healing. The Florrest is the place to decompress and heal. Go!"


Henry Klein

9 reasons for choosing this nature sanctuary

  • Experience a private 153 acre forest with 12 miles of trails, creeks, and bridges.

  • Feel like you are in another world, yet only 90min south of ATL (Atlanta International Airport).

  • Be awed by the architecture of the domes and the curated decor.

  • Explore the Indian mounds at the national forest within the property.

  • Download the Awaken Flow app with tips to maximize your experience. This program supported in manifesting The Florrest and now guides guests.

  • Feel the vibes of being on Otis Redding Dr where Otis’ widow lives and where the Allman brothers recorded their music.

  • Be immersed in a magical forest (you get to live it to Be-live-it)!

  • ​Support a female-owned business, created to anchor Sovereignty on Earth.

  • Host a retreat where you are supported by the environment and that will also replenish you!

Booking Rates Rental

(add 7%tax)

Guest Dome and Vibez Wing
(max 12pp)

Cleaning Fee



Guest dome: sleeps 10 guests, two full bathrooms, living room, and full kitchen.


Vibez Wing: sleeps 2 retreat leaders/support, adds 4 toilets, 3 showers,  and outdoor roofed sharing space.

Event dome: 1658 sq ft/154 m2 with A/C, and ceremonial seating for 12 people.

One time fee per person: includes housekeeping, pool maintenance, and land management.

$1, 111

$ 444

Low season (Dec 1 - Mar 15 and 
July 6-Aug 30)

$1, 555

High season (Mar 16 - July 5 and
Sept 1 - Nov 30)

Note: When you host your retreat here, it includes access to the event dome, pool, hot tub, cold plunge, El Lounge Pavilion, barefoot playground, fire-pit, and expansive nature in this 153 acre property.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

For regular reservation, you pay 50% deposit upon confirmation. The remainder is due 30 days before the retreat start day. If payment is not made on time, the reservation dates may released and you can rebook.


You have 24 hours to request a refund. After that, no refunds.


To change your booking, you have up to 30 days before your retreat start day. Then, you have one opportunity to reschedule it within the following 6 months.


We are here to support you to commit to your vision and manifestation!


Find the best time to connect with us! We'll make sure that your vision is in harmony with ours and offer all the information you need to support your visit.


If you are ready to book and we connected, let us know and we will send you the invoice. Thank you!

Thanks for subscribing!

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