40ft pool, 6 lounge chairs, Grill, Dining area

Relax around the pool, float into a suntan, read a book, awaken your inner child, listen to your favorite playlist, or simply gather to celebrate another day. 

The tables under the shade are available for activities and meals. The Weber BBQ grill is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and nourish your body and soul.


Chesapeake Designer Series

Melt into a 5 person Thermospa with therapeutic benefits: relief from chronic pain, reduce stress and anxiety while improving sleep quality. Experience the benefits of contrasting temperatures by jumping into the pool and then back into the heated spa. We toast to a healthy life!


Enjoy the 2 acres of groomed grass around the Domes

The benefits of walking barefoot and receiving the negative ions from the Earth are powerful. Enjoy the lawn to give your toes freedom and good vibes to the souls of your feet good vibes. Prepare a picnic and soak in nature’s healing properties. Toss a ball to get some vitamin D and play as kids of any age do. Kick a soccer ball with your team and score a fantastic day. 


The Florrest Domes are located on a 182 acre private forest by the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge

The paved driveway is 1/2 mile long and can be a great way to engage a beginner’s hike. It is delightfully hilly and can still be a great cardio workout. There are marked nature trails on the property with bridges and swings along the way. Make sure to use hiking boots, insect repellant, hat, sunglasses, and carry water to make your adventure fun and safe. 


Nature is wild and must be respected. Proceed at your own risk!


Beauty abounds in the natural wonders of Georgia

At the Florrest, we only shoot pictures. Slow down and open to the possibility of seeing deer, raccoons, turkeys, owls, cardinals, armadillos, and some other of our native residents. Each season has its own magic. The spring is radiant with blossoming flowers and trees. The summer forest is lush, butterflies float around, and birds sing in celebration. The fall turns the trees into a delightful palate of colors. The winter invites us to retreat within to our soul and discover our inner garden. 


During dark moments, the stars shine bright inspiring everything under the sky

Come experience the brilliance of the stars in a country setting listening to the sounds of crackling fire and crickets. Enjoy the fire pit and logs available for your enjoyment year-round. Can you see the big dipper? Connect with the energy of the moon and its cycles. Bring your own guitar and drums, sip on hot chocolate in the colder weather, share your stories and adventures, and maybe melt marshmallows into s’mores. Don’t be surprised if you hear a howl. 


Life is the meditation of Being;always present and aware when walking, talking, feeling, eating, playing, and moving.

 The environment has been intentionally created to remember and come back to joy, harmony, and connection. It is our intention for guests to rest from conditioning and stress so they can awaken to possibility and alignment. Inhale. Exhale. 


The kitchen is where guests can gather to combine ingredients into a delightful manifestation

The Florrest provides a bright space for you to bring your inspiration and enthusiasm for cooking. The kitchen is equipped with two ovens, a glass stovetop, Samsung refrigerator/freezer, beverage fridge, dehydrator, croc-pot, vitamix, juicer, and a hand blender. There are ceramic plates for indoors and acrylic ones for outside to ensure safety. Happiness is a dishwasher that is loaded and turned on, so next time everything is clean! 
Ingles supermarket is located 15 minutes away in the town of Gray. There is a Sam’s Club in Macon and an Aldi’s in Milledgeville. 


Make it a Reality