These are the souls that are bringing this dream to life


The story begins in Argentina with a girl from a conservative latin American family, continues in DC, returns to Buenos Aires, takes off to Chicago, skips over to London, gets pulled to New York, dragged to Key Biscayne, escapes to Miami and lands in middle Georgia. We'll just keep it simple here. 


From a young age, Mena got to travel extensively around the world with her parents and four siblings. It awakened a lifelong passion for exploring this planet and other cultures.  


She studied economics in Argentina, got an MBA at Booth Chicago, worked in London at PWC, then had her two boys in NYC. Having just moved to Miami, she realized that she had lost the connection with her inner joy and the freedom to choose her life. 


After her divorce, the fabric of her travels weaved into retreats for self-discovery and transformation, trainings, certifications, and mystical destinations. Every time she had weekends without her kids she would flow somewhere. Her inner knowing told her that when her kids when to college she would have a retreat center. 


When another hurricane threatened Miami in 2019, she realized how financially exposed she was to a natural disaster. After mentioning this to a friend, the next day she received a video of the property which would become the Florrest. Ten days later, she flew to Georgia for the day. It was a clear YES! 


The property had a house comprised of two Buckminster Fuller domes. The previous owner, Bill Harrison, built them from materials purchased from American Ingenuity. It was built on the highest elevation looking out towards the land which had been clear cut when he got it. Several decades passed and a forest resurged; it is currently under conservation until December 2022. 


During the summer of 2020, as she spent more time in the peace of the Florrest, it became clear to Mena that she wanted to move here full time and develop it further. Her boys, 13 and 11 years old at the time, had always lived with her. They decided to go live with their dad in Tennessee. 


Mena’s parents always invited the whole family on holidays, encouraging connection and celebration. Mena wanted to create a space that would be able to host all of them too. She decided that the first phase of development would honor that. 


During her first year living in Georgia, Mena’s friend Sara came to visit on multiple occasions; she loved the Florrest and sharing special moments in nature. Close to the New Year, Mena needed support for her Awaken Flow program and they realized how well they worked together. In February 2021, Sara began supporting with website creation and two months later, officially moved to Georgia to be the Director of Marketing. 


On Mena’s 3rd day at the Florrest, Rob showed up to support with his land management business. Their friendship and respect for each other ignited from the beginning. He immediately fell in love with the Florrest and aligned with Mena’s vision. 

What makes this Hive strong is an alignment with the values of integrity, harmony, connection, celebration, and freedom. There is a deep bond based on respect and a common mission...


Owner, Visionary & Host


Land Management

Marketing Director



The Florrest is a canvas for guests to create their own experience in Nature, to ignite joy, love, and connection while honoring the land and individual sovereignty. 

It is a space to celebrate life in harmony with family, friends, colleagues, and aligned souls. It is an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a sustainable way, and to rest and awaken to deep fulfillment. 

The intention of these 182 acres of The Florrest is to allow the Universe to play abundantly on Earth. May we rest in inner peace, blossom into our Being, and radiate love and possibility to everyone. 

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